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Custom MAC-6, six turnstile lanes in a MAC Portal


This is not your standard MAC-6!

This ALL NEW MAC-6 is fully customized to meet our customers site-specific needs! This custom MAC-6 is 45' long and comes with three Automatic Systems TRS 372 Full height turnstile. In addition to the six turnstile lanes this custom MAC-6 includes a climate-controlled 12' 6" office and a separate 6' data room for hardware and data systems that will be added once delivered to its final destination in Alberta, Canada. 

six turnstile lanes in a mac portal, custom MAC-6

Collaborating with Paladin Technologies, our in-house team of engineers and CAD draftsmen worked to add all of the features necessary to satisfy security concerns for a customer in the Alberta Oil Sands. 

While Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) offers a standard MAC-6 with an office in the middle of three full height turnstiles on either side of the office in a standard 40' container the customer was in need of a little more space and MSSI was there to meet the need. By building time tested, turn-key portable perimeter solutions for customers around the world MSSI has established itself as a trusted source for industry leaders in commercial and industrial construction.

MSSI has worked with major industrial construction companies like Fluor, Jacobs, Shaw, and Bechtel as well as defense partners in the United States Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy.

With high quality modular perimeter security solutions that utilize the expertise and toughness of full-height and waist-high turnstiles MSSI is committed to providing only the best security solutions for our customers.

At MSSI we aim to improve and enhance customer satisfaction for customers that require a custom engineered solutions to meet their site-specific needs.

For more information on MSSI and all of our turn-key, modular perimeter security solutions CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822