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All construction operations come with inherent risks. The very act of constructing almost anything can be considered a high-risk activity and operations must at all times consider the safety of not only workers on the jobsite but also the public. The establishment of physical barriers that allow both the access of authorized employees to enter, yet prevent the public and unauthorized individuals from entering the construction site, is of the utmost importance for jobsite safety and security.

Maintaining control of construction operations means creating an environment where high-risk activities can be executed without an increased danger to the public. It also helps prevent unauthorized access by the general public by providing suitable physical barriers at key construction area access points.

It is important to manage and control entrances and exits to prevent unauthorized access as well as to display construction site rules on clearly marked, properly placed signs.

At Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) we offer construction site security and safety best practice recommendations as often as possible to all customers.

Based on feedback from our customers as well as from those working every day in the construction field, we have created a Construction Site Security Recommendations checklist for you to consider.

Construction Site Security Recommendations by MSSI

• Turnstile Access should be considered the default security solution and must be implemented at all stages of          the project.
• Planning for use of Turnstile Access should commence as early as possible within the planning and RFQ               stages.
• It is of the utmost importance to determine beforehand:
              • when and where turnstiles are able to be installed and what access control technology is to be used.
              • how and when the access control turnstiles will be relocated to better suit the ongoing nature of each                       project.
              • when the turnstiles will be removed from the project and what site security will be in place                                           after that occurs.
Access Control Technology that allows workers to be “swiped in” and “swiped out” must be integrated into             the turnstile system.
• Special consideration must be given to emergency/crisis situations and the site access plan must describe how      the site will be evacuated in the event of an emergency.
• Equally important in being able to successfully control site access via foot traffic is to have control over all                vehicular gates. It is critical to ensure the vehicular access gates are controlled by a competent security guard        or by labor personnel, when open, to prevent unauthorized access.
• A wide range of suppliers offers access control technology software/hardware systems and there are                       distinctive advantages/disadvantages to each system. Project Teams should perform their due diligence in             selecting the best solution for their specifc project and project location.
• The access control technology/card reader systems can assist project managers in collecting data for the                workers including:

Examples of tracking items you should consider prior to choosing an access control system:
• Hours worked
• Worker’s Name & Company
• Worker’s Trade
• Tracking by Geography/Zip Code
• Safety violation/restricted access
• EHS Certification Access
• Real-time data of workers onsite at any given moment by total and company
• Type of Badge System required (e.g., Black & White Cards, RFID Tags, or Color Badges with                Pictures)

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