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Our Team

Leadership Team

Robert Slagel (ext 1033)


Joe Dougherty (1065)


Eric Gindlesperger (ext 1059)

VP of Engineering & Design


Matt Vonderheide (ext 1008)

Director, Sales & Marketing

Kevin Harrison (ext 1016)

Business Development

KJ Williams

Sr National Account Manager

Shane Meadows (ext 1064)

Sales Representative

Ronnie Kearns (ext 1056)

Head of Manufacturing/Procurement

Tim Hopkins (ext 1034)

Quality Manager

Megan Coffey (ext 1048)

Executive Assistant

Katherine Roach (ext 1011)

Marketing Manager

Kelli Dufore (ext 1009)

Accounting Director/HR

Drew King (ext 1015)

Materials Manager

Finance Team

Annette Hughes (ext 1045)

Invoicing & Rental Fleet Administrator

Jan Boyle (ext 1035)

Accounts Payable

Donna McGlothlin (ext 1039)

AR/Payroll Administrator

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