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How Access Control Works (1)

What is Access Control?

Access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. It consists of two main components: authentication and authorization.

Authentication is a technique used to verify that someone is who they claim to be. Once a individual has been verified, authorization determines if that individual should be allowed to access the jobsite or facility that they're attempting to enter into based on their credentials, certifications, and/or requirements.

As a result, access control minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to physical and computer systems. This ensures the safety of authorized personnel and prevents the theft of data, assets, etc. 


How MSSI Can Help

Access Control Integration Examples

Full Turnkey

Challenge: Customer was looking for perimeter and interior security/protection including all access points to site. Heavy End User requirements for Safety/Compliance.

Solution: MSSI provided a full turnkey site solution with MAC Portals, Guardhouses, Vehicle Access Control gates, and complete access control setup to meet site requirements.

MAC Portal

Challenge: Customer was looking for a way to increase worker productivity and workflow while tracking key performance indicators to utilize as a case study on future projects.

Solution: MSSI provided our patented MAC portals along with a fully integrated access control system setup allowing for all key metrics, data, and indicators to be captured through its cloud based capabilities online.

MAC Lite

Challenge: Customer wanted the MSSI setup with MAC portals and full access control, but was limited on space with a footprint that went upwards, not outwards.

Solution: MSSI suggested using our MAC “Lite” Portals which provide a much smaller footprint while still providing the same level of service when you are in a high density metro area.

MAC Safe-T-Check™

Challenge: Customer was required to thermal scan all workers prior to entry along with having a dual authorization security access control system due to End User/GC requirements.

Solution: MSSI provide our revolutionary MAC Safe-T-Check™ which provided an automated solution thus saving time and money, without compromising jobsite safety.


Challenge: Customer was looking for a way to protect their guards from the heat/cold all while ensuring their perimeters where protected from unauthorized visitors.

Solution: MSSI offers fully climate-controlled Guardhouses and Vehicle Access Control gates with arms that also can come with Guardhouses attached. Protecting your workers is a must.

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