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The Patented MAC Portal is the ideal perimeter security solution for Forward Operating Bases, Entry Control Points, and Military Checkpoints throughout the world.  Reduce Logistical issues domestically and internationally by integrating the MAC Portal with:  ICIDS, DBIDS, FP Suite, RDISS technologies to further enhance the benefits of this Portable Re-Usable investment.

Various Identification and Access Control Options:

Common Access Card, CAC Card, MAC Portal, turnstilesCommon Access Card (CAC) - CAC cards hold many advantages for access control security. The CAC has integrated circuit chips, magnetic stripe, bar codes, and contactless capabillity. These access cards can be used for identification puposes when entering secure buildings and controlled spaces. They can come as basic as simply having as an government employee ID number or intelligent enough (smart cards) to contain human readable features like fingerprints.

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - RFID requires the cooperation of an RFID tag and reader. An RFID tag can be placed on/in a tool or card which a reader can read several meters away. RFID is used for tracking and inventory control as well as access control and theft prevention.


Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System (ICIDS)Biometrics

access control, access control system, modular access controlFacial Recognition - Facial recognition uses a 3D image of a face to identify personnel. By evaluating the peaks and valleys around the different features of the face like the nose, mouth, and eye sockets, the computer recognizes nodal points to create a "face print" that is extremely unique. That "face print" can then be compared to others in the system database.


hand geometry access control, access control, access control systemHand Geometry - Hand geometry recognition is the oldest, yet still effective, for of biometric identification. A patent for the technology was awarded in 1986 and the technology debuted on the market the very next year. Readers evaluate the length, width, thickness, and surface area using a silhouette image of the human hand.


access control, modular access control system, MAC access controlIris Scan - Iris scanners analyze the colored tissue around the eye which has more than 200 points that may be evaluated for uniqueness. The technology works through glasses and some devices even prevent spoofing by using a light variation to analyze pupil dilation.


access control, access control system, MAC access controlVascular Recognition - Vascular scanner uses passive infrared technology to read the unique veins and capillaries beneath the skin on the back of the human hand. The read is fast and accurate and, since the read is taking place under the skin, can read through grease, grime, or whatever may be covering the skin.

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